VSCO Hits 30 Million MAU

Some big numbers from VSCO today:

OAKLAND, CA — January 14, 2016 — VSCO® announced today that its popular photo app has 30 million monthly active users and 5B images consumed on a monthly basis.

“We’re extremely excited by the rate at which our community is growing and continue to be inspired by what people are sharing on VSCO on a daily basis,” said co-founder and CEO, Joel Flory. “We’re focused on expanding our product and platform as well as making key hires to ensure that we’re delivering an offering to our global community that enables them to express themselves honestly.”

VSCO Announces 30 Million Active Users | VSCO

Big-ish and getting bigger – good signs – if those users are being or have the realistic potential of being effectively monetized – a task newly announced COO Bryan Mason (formerly Adobe) is surely brainstorming this very moment.

This tidbit in a lengthy write-up at Tech Insider should be interesting to those already in love with VSCO:

For 2016, Flory says there are big plans for the app’s photo editor (“we’re gonna blow it out of the water”)

VSCO isn't playing Instagram's like game | Tech Insider