Mobile Players May Be Costing Hearthstone Millions

Last week we linked to a report by SuperData Research that amongst other things, revealed Blizzard's Hearthstone collectible card game is making an astounding $20 million a month from 8 million PC players and 9 million mobile players. The problem? As Gamasutra's Elyot Grant points out, thanks to Apple and Google's 30% take from purchases made through their respective app stores, Blizzard's massive success on mobile is likely hurting their bottom line:

Consequently, while Blizzard may be killing it on mobile, the meteoric fall of their PC revenue is extremely troubling. From the looks of things, about half of Hearthstone's PC users have switched over to playing (and paying) with their phones. If 7 or 8 million dollars of Hearthstone's monthly revenue has been diverted to the mobile pipeline, then the Hearthstone phone release is costing Blizzard over two million dollars a month in app store fees skimmed off the top!

Hearthstone on Phones is Costing Blizzard Millions of Dollars | Elyot Grant for Gamasutra

Looking out at their potential pool of new mobile players (Hearthstone was only made available to iPhone and Android phone users just this April), I'm doubtful that Blizzard's all that worried about temporary revenue hiccups. I do know two parties though who are definitely totally fine and A-OK with all of this— Apple and Google.