Meanwhile, In The App Store

A curated look at the most interesting updates, price cuts, and new apps in the App Store—

A LOT of productivity apps are on sale today, I've picked out some favorites, but there's plenty more to be had.

2Do. The current task app darling, 2Do for iOS is 50% off ($14.99 → $7.99). Oh, the Mac app is also 50% off ($49.99 → $24.99).

Copied. The clever clipboard manager is free for iOS, but what you really want here is the Mac app, because sync is awesome ($8.99 → $3.99).

DaisyDisk. Popular Mac disk manager is also 50% off ($9.99 → $4.99).

Deliveries.If you aren't using JuneCloud's Deliveries ($4.99 → $1.99) to track your packages I'm afraid we simply can't be friends. (I'm kidding. We're still friends. But get Deliveries.)

Due. I use this for so many things, including brew times for coffee. Super handy and nerd-friendly ($4.99 → $1.99).

Moleskin Timepage. The sexiest calendar app for iOS. I don't use this for calendar entry, but keep it on the phone for the Apple Watch app. Try it ($4.99 → $1.99).

Things. Now's your chance to Things all the things, with iPhone (now $4.99), iPad (now $9.99), and Mac apps (now $24.99) all 50% off (trust me— this doesn't happen often.)