iPad Pro Begins Making Appearance in iOS App Analytics Data

Apple's alleged 12.9 inch "iPad Pro" begins showing up in the wild:

Analytics firm Appsee, which provides tools for developers to collect data on in-app user behavior, said that they spotted a new iPad identified as model "iPad6,8" in their user logs. The iPad Air 2 bears model identifiers "iPad5,3" and "iPad5,4" for Wi-Fi and cellular versions, respectively.

The device Appsee found also sports a larger 2,048-pixel-by-2,732-pixel display, compared to the 2,048-pixel-by-1,536-pixel unit found on the newest iPads. That matches with references found in developer previews of iOS 9 earlier this summer.

Apple's mythical 'iPad Pro' allegedly spotted in iOS app analytics | AppleInsider

A Force Touch-enhanced (stylus sold separately) "iPad Pro" with USB-C does sound intriguing, though I'm oddly torn between that and the rumored iPad mini 4. Bigger is better, or so the saying goes, but not necessarily when the most likely usage is reading a comic in bed.