IDC: Apple Shipped 3.6M Apple Watch Units In The Second Quarter

Daisuke Wakabayashi for the Wall Street Journal

Research firm IDC Thursday said Apple shipped 3.6 million Apple Watch units in the second quarter, after it began shipping on April 24.

The numbers are among the first credible indicators of Watch sales. Apple hasn’t provided its own figures, opting to keep its numbers secret to avoid tipping off competitors.

IDC said Apple’s sales placed it second among sellers of wearable devices behind Fitbit Inc. The research firm said Fitbit shipped 4.4 million units during the second quarter, although IDC distinguished between the Apple Watch and basic wearables like Fitbit that do not run third-party apps.

Apple Watch Sales May Be Pretty Good After All | Daisuke Wakabayashi for the Wall Stree Journal

Also revealed in the IDC report— the Samsung Gear S and Gear Fit with 600,000 units shipped in the same quarter. But yeah, Apple's doing "pretty good."