Her Story Creator Sam Barlow On The Game's "Official Explanation"

In a lengthy interview with Her Story creator Sam Barlow, AppUnwrapper asks if the game has an  "official explanation":

I guess there’s an official answer inasmuch as there’s a version in my head that drove my writing and in some cases Viva’s performance. But I’m very wary of saying that that is the ‘official version’, because so much of the game is designed around putting things in the player’s hands, and in their mind. This is doubly true because I always find that whatever I thought I was doing, often my subconscious has another entirely different idea — sometimes this is exposed when a performer gets hold of the script and brings to light an interpretation that is much richer and more honest than what was consciously in my head.

Her Story is a phenomenal game, unlike anything you've ever played before, certainly at least on iOS. If you haven't checked it out, you'll want to.