Ars Reviews Google's New OnHub Router

Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo reviews the OnHub:

As a router, the OnHub feels more like an appliance than a configurable piece of networking equipment. The device is completely locked down with no browser access or really any configuration other than the simple Google On app. The entity with the most control over the OnHub isn't you, it's Google.

So to recap: it's a router. It's a very expensive router that isn't as flexible or powerful as other routers in this price point, but it includes parts of Google's mysterious smart home initiative. We don't know what the USB port is for, we don't know what it will do with its 802.15.4 antenna, and we don't know why it has Bluetooth. We're also really suspicious of including a decently loud laptop-class speaker that is used only once.

Google OnHub review—Google’s smart home Trojan horse is a $200 leap of faith | Ars Technica

Interesting in that The Verge had an entirely different take on the OnHub, with the OnHub anecdotally outperforming the reviewer's existing router.