Apple Hires Virtual and Augmented Reality Expert Doug Bowman

Another VR/Augmented Reality talent grab for Apple— per's Tim Bradshaw:

Apple has hired one of the top US researchers in virtual reality, as it looks to catch up to Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Samsung in what many see as the next big shift in computing platforms.

Doug Bowman recently joined Apple after going on sabbatical from his post as computer science professor at Virginia Tech, where he had been director of its centre for human-computer interaction for around five years.

Apple hires leading virtual reality researcher |

Bowman's experience includes "fully immersive VR, as used in Facebook’s Oculus Rift," and Augmented Reality — think Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens.

→ Previous (known) VR/AR-related Apple acquisitions include Faceshift (facial motion capture software), Polar Rose (facial recognition software), Metaio (Augmented Reality software), PrimeSense (3D sensors), and Nick Thompson (previously— Microsoft HoloLens audio engineer).