iPad Mini 4 And DisplayMate's iPad 2015 Display Shoot-Out

In where the iPad Mini 4 is kicking ass and taking names:

The iPad mini 4 is close to being a textbook perfect LCD display in all of the Lab measurements and viewing tests. Among the iPads it takes first place and is marked Best in every single test category except Contrast Ratio – where it has a Very Good but not the highest Contrast Ratio of 957 in 0 lux (because Apple didn’t provide a Photo Aligned LCD like on the Air 2 and Pro).

iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro Display Technology Shoot-Out

"The best and most accurate LCD Tablet display that we have ever tested," is quite a turnaround for the device previously saddled with the worst display in the iPad lineup.

⟶ via Macstories