Briefing: Fitbit CEO James Park To Apple — "You're Doing It Wrong," etc.


James Park is really beginning to annoy us: Fitbit CEO James Park tells the New York Times that the Apple Watch “is a computing platform, but that’s really the wrong way to approach this category from the very beginning.” I've said this before, but I can't imagine that any large percentage of Apple Watch owners want their Watch to do less — do what you do (and maybe even more), but do it faster — that's what most of us want. The article goes on to highlight Fitbit's numbers, having sold 21.3 million devices in 2015 versus an estimated 12 million Apple Watches in the same time frame. But what about the money? Citing @neilcybart, Apple Watch revenues in 2015 were an estimated $4.7B. And Fitbit? $1.9B.


Justin O'Bierne publishes a nice essay titled, "What Happened To Google Maps?" in where O'Bierne notes the changes in Google's cartography over the years and rightly concludes: "less is less."


Echoing Apple CEO Tim Cook and his appearance on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer, Jony Ive's interview with The Business of Fashion implies there are "dramatic" improvements ahead for the Apple Watch:

“It’s quite interesting that if you look back at the first generation of the iPod or the Phone — what happens in the next two, three, four years is dramatic. You’d be very surprised about some of the things you would absolutely assume that the first Phone did and it didn’t have,” he said. “Of course, this is a new category for us, one that we think is such a natural one because we think in a very authentic way. It’s not us being opportunistic in the way our competitors are. It’s not us thinking, ‘Well, this is a growing category.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

We'll remind readers that the first generation iPhone didn't ship with an App Store. That came a full year later, opening one day before the first-gen iPhone's successor, the iPhone 3G, launched.


Apple loses a trademark suit in China against a company selling handbags, purses, and passport cases whose singular embellishment is the word "IPHONE (handcrafted)" debossed into the surface. I'm not so much bothered with the ruling as I am with the notion that purchasing a handbag that says IPHONE was a conscious decision for more than one person.


And (if true) there was much rejoicing:

"Apple is altering the user interface of Apple Music to make it more intuitive to use, according to people familiar with the product who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. Apple also plans to better integrate its streaming and download businesses and expand its online radio service, the people said. The reboot is expected to be unveiled at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The changes will be accompanied by a marketing blitz to lure more customers to the $10-per-month streaming service. An Apple spokesman declined to comment."

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