Briefing: The FBI Has A Tool, etc.


If the FBI is to be believed, the tool used to crack the San Bernardino iPhone 5c won't work on iPhones post-5c: "We have a tool that works on a narrow slice of phones," he said. "If we decide not to disclose it to Apple, it’s still quite perishable and it will disappear if Apple changes its software in some way."


In search of a snippet solution in the aftermath of Smile's new subscription price model for TextExpander, and do you use the on Mac? Because...


Reddit released its very own native app on Thursday, built from all new Alien Blue-free code. It's nice, but not Narwhal nice — at least that's my first impression based an evening of use. Reddit for iOS is free in the App Store and includes 3 months of Reddit Gold.


Just a reminder, if you want in on Hey Cupertino: The Weekend Edition, you'll need to sign up, you know... before the weekend — which you can do right here.


Finally, did anything else really matter yesterday more than the teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? I mean my popcorn is ready #amirite?