Hey Cupertino: The Weekend Edition

Just a heads up, The first edition of "Hey Cupertino: The Weekend Edition" newsletter departs Mailchimp in one hour. I am working up a dedicated signup page, but if you haven't signed up, you can do so at the bottom of this page (check that footer!).

The Weekend Edition is totally free, or at least it will be for the first 500 signups. That's enough to cover our current RSS subscribers plus a few extra, so there's no rush. Thereafter I'll likely add some inordinately small fee to signups, seriously I'm thinking $1 a month — an amount that might actually allow this website to pay for itself one day.

The Weekend Edition is a work in progress, but will briefly highlight the week in Apple news, be the new home of "Meanwhile In The App Store," feature a rant on what everyone is talking about (this week — the iPhone SE), and basically me, me, me on Apple, apps, etc. Again sign up below...and enjoy.