Briefing: Apple And The Fourth Dimension, Etc.


The FBI is said to be "testing the method used to crack a terrorist's iPhone to see how many other versions of the device it could open," though it may take months till they decide whether to offer Apple the deets on the exploit used.


Speaking of months — "The FBI's method for breaking into a locked iPhone 5c is unlikely to stay secret for long, according to senior Apple Inc engineers and outside experts," and reports Reuters, when Apple discovers the flaw — they're likely to go public with it.


While the entire world is currently debating the merits of Apple's steadfast advocacy for digital security, the Cupertino company's actual security teams are reported to be in a "state of flux."


Does iOS 9.3's Night Shift option really help you sleep better? The science on this isn't exactly clear, but anecdotally — absolutely hell yes it does according to The Guardian's self-professed bad sleeper, Larry Ryan.


"We’re all where we are—and also, at the same time, somewhere else. Many of us have been four-dimensional beings only since 2007, when the first iPhone arrived. We don’t know how to think about our new condition just yet." The New Yorker's Joshua Rothman writes: "Apple At Forty: Steve Jobs Led Us To The Fourth Dimension."