Briefing: There Will Be No Carpet, etc.


That time the internet lost their damn minds when Phil Schiller took to Twitter to "correct" Benedict Evans on the pluralization of Apple devices:


"The FBI paid under $1 million for the technique used to unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters - a figure smaller than the $1.3 million the agency's chief initially indicated the hack cost, several U.S. government sources said on Thursday." According to Reuters, the FBI maintains physical possession of the "mechanism," which apparently can be used to unlock other iPhone 5C devices running iOS 9.


And in the retail world, the major question was this: Would the arrival of a product that was not just a gadget, but also a luxury fashion item, push Apple to shake up its successful store format?

The root of the speculation, or at least, the primary fuel for it, was a single paragraph in a New Yorker profile of Apple’s design chief, Jonathan Ive. In that story it was reported that Ive and Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, were working on a redesign of Apple stores, perhaps to make the setting more conducive to selling a luxury timepiece. The story noted that Ive had “overheard someone saying, ‘I’m not going to buy a watch if I can’t stand on carpet.’ ”

And so analysts — and reporters, including this one — began wondering: Would certain sections of the store be carpeted? Would they be outfitted with full-length mirrors so people could see how the watch fit into their overall look? Would there be showcase lighting, like at an upscale jeweler?

The answer of course — a resounding hell to the no.


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