Briefing: A-Team Seeking A-List, etc.


Apple announces WWDC 2016 — June 13 through 17 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and hits publish on a spiffy new dark mode WWDC 2016 website.


Via Fast Company: "Apple execs were in Los Angeles hearing pitches for original TV series that it plans to launch on an "exclusives" app on Apple TV and within iTunes. Apple wants to work with "triple A-list" talent, according to a source, and build up a roster of must-see shows available only on its platform." Starting from scratch when they could just buy and build on any other service. Possibly every other service.


From Techpinions' Ben Bajarin: The average user "unlocks their phones 80 times a day" and 89% of them that have a Touch ID phone are using it to do so. In other words, high end consumer security is now nearly ubiquitous thanks to Apple.


Access denied: "The Chinese government asked Apple for its source code within the past two years, and the company turned them away, the tech giant's general counsel Bruce Sewell told a congressional hearing on Tuesday. 'We have been asked by the Chinese government. We refused,' Sewell said."


According to App Annie's most recent quarterly report, Google Play gets twice the downloads the App Store does, while the App Store gets twice the revenue Google Play does. ¯_(ツ)_/¯