Briefing: Less Compelling — The Woz Or Wearables? etc.


"Apple runs secret car lab in Berlin with 15-20 employees, report says." Apple Insider relays reporting from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, whose sources "familiar with the matter" claim the car will be electric, but not initially self-driving, and would likely be manufactured by contract manufacturer Magna Steyr (previously behind some Mini models). No word on whether the car would resemble Motor Trend's "bar of soap" design.


"60 Minutes invited the hackers to prove their claims by giving a brand new iPhone to Congressman Ted Lieu – who agreed to participate in the test – and telling the hackers nothing more than the phone number. The hackers later replayed recordings they’d made of calls made on that iPhone." Undoubtedly somewhere this will spark headlines that Congressman Lieu's iPhone was hacked — which was not the case. Instead the hack relied on exploiting a security flaw in Signaling System Seven (SS7), a telecom network used by carriers. In short the "hacking" done here could happen to any phone, and while quite alarming in and of itself (watch it here) — the iPhone part of the story is largely irrelevant. via 9to5Mac


MacWorld's Glenn Fleishman details the differences between Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft when it comes to security and privacy.


"If a Woz falls in a forest..."


More Tay-Tay: Taylor Swift returns for another ad spot for Apple Music — this time covering Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle."