Briefing: Some Apps That Contain User Generated Content That Is Frequently Pornographic Will Be Rejected, etc.


"Apple Watch verdict a year later: Half of those surveyed think it’s a dud." That's Re/code's Dawn Chmielewski's odd headline that reframes some otherwise positive Apple Watch survey results like 77% of Watch owners consider the Watch to be a success, or two-thirds of them plan to upgrade to Apple Watch 2, and from a separate survey — 92% of Watch owners "were satisfied to downright effusive about the device — and appear to be recommending it to their friends." So what's up with the headline? According to the first survey cited, 53% of all adults (not all Apple Watch owners) consider the Watch to be an unsuccessful Apple product — aided in no small part by headlines like Chmielewski's.


Apple discovers what Reddit is — via r/getnarwhal: "Apple pulled Narwhal out of the app store today because reddit contains NSFW content. We are working our hardest to get narwhal back in the app store." Also pulled — every other Reddit client — except the official Reddit app and Beam. Also containing no shortage of user-generated NSFW content? Tumblr. Twitter. And most obviously — Safari.

[A.M. Update] Several apps, including Narwhal, have returned to the app store, minus their toggles for NSFW content. According to MacStories, it appears Apple wants users to access that toggle through Reddit's website only.


Filed under "Good Luck With That": A woman from Detroit "has filed a federal lawsuit claiming Apple stole her patented idea for a smart watch. 'I was the first to put in for a patent for a computer wrist watch,' Daisy Washington-Gross said in the suit filed Friday in Eastern Michigan U.S. District Court. Washington-Gross claims Apple’s watch infringed on her pending patent for the 'Detachable Beeper Disc Digital Gym Shoe Computer Watch.'” Ms. Washington-Gross is seeking $2 billion.


Basically, the opposite of Dropbox: Cloud storage company Box announces Box Zones, "a product that lets customers choose a storage component from another vendor, enabling customers to store files in-country when their privacy laws require it." You'll remember Dropbox recently revealed their 2-year effort to move their users' data off the cloud and onto their own servers, while Box Zones "will work on Amazon Web Services in Ireland, Germany, Japan and Singapore, but the plan is to expand that over time adding new zones using IBM data centers later this year. Eventually Box hopes to make it flexible enough to add any approved storage you like."


A clarion call to power users from OmniFocus: "OmniFocus 2.14 is coming to TestFlight soon, and one of the things we've been working on is better support for automation. To that end, the TestFlight builds now support callback URLs with name, note, parallel, flag, defer, due, project, and context parameters." Translation: improved OmniFocus automation in apps like Workflow and Editorial.