Briefing: The Bots Are Coming, etc.


"In 2011, as iPad sales accelerated and a broader market began to take shape, analysts at the research firm Gartner projected that annual tablet shipments would pass 300 million units by 2015, including almost 150 million iPads," writes Re/code's Arik Hesseldahl about the smaller than expected tablet market. "Reality has fallen well short of those forecasts. In February, research firm IDC estimated 2015’s tablet shipment total at 207 million units (Apple sold 50 million iPads in 2015)."


Google considers Apple's opens source Swift programming language: "About the time Swift was going open source, representatives for three major brands — Google, Facebook and Uber — were at a meeting in London discussing the new language," according to the The Next Web. According to their sources, Google is said to be considering Swift as a "first class" language for Android (currently Java).


This (also sad) story from CNN appears to indicate that forensic software company Cellebrite (the company rumored to have helped the FBI crack the San Bernardino phone) can now also access, at least to some degree, the iPhone 6.


If the future of apps is bots, then Luka is the future. I sort of don't like the future.


The Curious Case of Kobe Bryant: