How Will Apple Price The iPhone 6s?

Ina Fried for Re/code:

Since the debut of the Apple iPhone in 2007, the slide that typically followed the end of the onstage introduction was a simple chart advertising its delightfully low cost — starting at just $199 with a two-year contract, $99 for the outgoing model and even free for older versions.

But with multi-year contracts and the subsidies that accompanied them being phased out, Apple faces a new dilemma on how to hide the basic fact that behind that shiny new iPhone is a device that costs upward of $650 — and in some cases close to $1,000.

And the Price of the Apple iPhone 6s Will Be … | Re/code

For years all we've known is that a new (base model) iPhone costs $199 and an asterisk. Tomorrow though, we'll be presented with an all new Keynote slide — one that says $650 with no asterisk, or one that says $27/month. Best I can tell, the internet is leaning on the latter, but I'm liking option C: one that says both.