Apple Dual-Sources iPhone 6s's A9 SoC To Samsung And TSMC

Teardown specialist Chipworks has discovered that the iPhone 6s's SoC has been (prepare yourself...) dual-sourced:

It had been industry speculation prior to the iPhone 6S launch that Apple would be dual-sourcing the A9 and A9X from Samsung and TSMC, respectively. The A9 would have gone into iPhone 6S/6S+ and the A9X would have gone into iPad Pros, giving Samsung a large edge in volume for the A9 product family.

It was thus a surprise to find two different application processors in two otherwise identical iPhone 6S smartphones. As pictured below, there is a difference in the die size for the APL0898 (Samsung) and the APL1022 (TSMC).

A9 is TSMC 16nm FinFET and Samsung Fabbed | Chipworks

Chipgate? Probably not, but why don't we all stop what we're doing right now to ID and benchmark our SoC's (editor: no, you don't need to do this, the performance differences between the two thus far appear to be less than 1%.).