Panzarino: "Apple Blows Up The Concept Of A Privacy Policy"

Matthew Panzarino for TechCrunch:

Apple is blowing that up a bit today by expanding on its privacy page and presenting its policies in clear language, with extensive supporting data. Whether it’s government information requests (94% of that is trying to find stolen iPhones, and only 6% is law enforcement seeking personal information) or how consumer-facing features like iMessage, Apple Pay, Health and HomeKit are set up to protect user information; the sense is one of confidence in its stance.

Please do not confuse this with me saying that Apple shouldn’t have to continue to answer questions on user privacy — nearly all major tech corporations are money-making enterprises and should be viewed with healthy skepticism. But in his letter when the site launched last year, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple would regularly update and expand the site, and it now has.

If you peruse your way through the various explanations to securing your personal user data documented here and here that Apple has taken with everything from Maps, to News, Siri, Apple Pay, and seemingly any and all other corners of iOS 9 (and by extension watchOS 2), it's rather remarkable just how much effort Cupertino has put into prioritizing your privacy — not only for the value added benefit of your peace of mind, but as an entirely unsubtle marketing strategy (note the frequent jabs at "our competitors"), even while it's also highly likely that all of it comes at some expense to the broader user experience.