Apple Announces More Than 13 Million iPhones Sold On Opening Weekend

"Sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history," according to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and to be sure 13 million iPhones is an absolutely incredible number, though it does come with this caveat: this is the worst percentage gain for an "S" launch vs non-"S" ever (starting with the iPhone 4s) — the iPhone 4s outsold the iPhone 4 by 135% (4 million vs. 1.7 million), the iPhone 5s outsold the iPhone 5 by 80% (9 million vs. 5 million — though that does include the 5c as well), while the iPhone 6s has now bested the 6 by "only" 30% (13 million vs. 10 million). I'm not trying to be that guy, but you can see where that trajectory is going without me showing you this: