iPhone 6s Performance Rivals New Macbook

Frequently highlighted in yesterday's crop of reviews, just how fast the iPhone 6s and its new A9 processor are:

The iPhone 6S Plus is a powerful computer in your hand. According to Geekbench 3, its new dual-core A9 processor is running at 1.7 GHz and assisted by 2GB of RAM, double the memory Apple had previously ever shoved into a phone. The iPhone 6S Plus handily beats the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ on Geekbench single-core scores and, despite the Galaxy's eight cores, also edges it out in multi-core performance numbers (4,380 versus 4,186).

The iPhone 6S Plus | Mashable

For reference here's the Geekbench numbers for the iPhone 6s Plus, the 6 Plus, the new 12" Macbook, and this year's 11" Macbook Air. The dark grey bar represents single-core performance, the light grey is multi-core performance. Mouse over for the details.

"A computer in your pocket," has never been truer, though it's still disarming to think that there is now zero hyperbole to the statement.