iOS 8 Compatibility To Peak At 87%

With iOS 9 set to drop tomorrow at 10AM PST/1PM EST, the last guy to upgrade to iOS 8 is happening right about now...

The statistic posted to Apple's App Store Support page shows 11 percent of devices are running iOS 7, while earlier iOS versions account for a two percent share. Apple drew its data from App Store visitations on Sept. 14.

Compared to the same time last year, when iOS 7 was about to be replaced by iOS 8, adoption for Apple's current-generation operating system is down three points. Despite booming iPhone sales and the release of Apple Music with iOS 8.4, uptake rates have been moderate. In April, Apple measured iOS 8 adoption at 81 percent.

Apple says iOS 8 on 87% of compatible devices days before iOS 9 launch | AppleInsider

Half of those are users with no room to upgrade, while the other half are the real oddities— those with no desire to upgrade.