Iovine: "No One Is Going To Be Able To Catch Us"

Apple's Jimmy Iovine talks to Wired UK's Michael Rundle:

"I started this curation conversation six years ago, and everyone thought I was talking about The Force, like it was an ancient religion," says Jimmy Iovine, 62, a legendary producer, Interscope and Beats co-founder and latterly, since Beats Electronics' $3.2 billion (£2 billion) Apple buyout in 2014, a creative force behind Apple Music, the company's new streaming service.

"But now that's all people talk about. Of course [music] needs curation. Curation was supposedly not hip -- that's bullshit. Curation is a big thing to us, and no one is going to be able to catch us or do it better."

Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine: 'no one will be able to catch us' | Michael Rundle for

Note that curation was also Beats Music "big thing"— to the tune of paid subscriber numbers in the "low six figures." 

Later in the piece, Iovine seems to imply that "somebody" will eventually help improve delivering content on the TV as well:

"We all know one thing, we all have different television delivery systems, don't we all wish that the delivery systems were better, as far as curation and service?" he says. "They're all technically good. And Netflix is starting to cross the code because they're starting to make some original content. It is really good, but still I mean none of us make movies here right, so we're all punters, or what do you call them in the music business, fans right? We want to watch movies. Sit down with your girlfriend or a bunch of friends and try to find a movie online. That box helps you none -- it doesn't help. You're on your own. And eventually that will catch them unless somebody digs in and really helps the customer. And entertainment needs that, it needs to live and breathe."

Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine: 'no one will be able to catch us' | Michael Rundle for

"That box helps you none." I wonder what box will?