Adobe's "Project Rigel" Photoshop mobile app launches in October

CNET's Stephen Shankland:

Photoshop's maker, Adobe Systems, hopes that will change in October at its Max conference for developers and creative professionals when it introduces a new Photoshop app for editing photos on Apple's iPhones and iPads initially and Android-powered devices later. The free software, called only Project Rigel for now, is designed to bring a more accessible interface to what can be a dauntingly complex program on PCs.

Adobe aims to bring Photoshop to mobile masses with upcoming app | Stephen Shankland for CNET

Note this potentially interesting tidbit for desktop Photoshop users:

Adobe's goal is to create an easy transition between different devices. Specifically, each editing change made with Project Rigel will become its own editing layer in a Photoshop file (the PSD file format). That means a graceful handoff to full-fledged Photoshop using the Creative Cloud's library feature. It also means editing changes are reversible since they don't fundamentally alter an image's underlying pixels.

"We are, under the covers, writing separate Photoshop layers and baking that as you move along," Anand said.

"Rigel" is walking into a really tough crowd here (Enlight, Pixelmator, VSCO, and Snapseed), but free should help.