Please Buy A Digital SLR— If You Want To Take Great Photos

Ben Brooks at the Brooks Review:

A great photo isn’t made by the camera.

The reason you love photography on your iPhone so very much is because Apple has made it damned easy to get a pretty solid picture each time. And the reason that you loathe picking up that dSLR is because Canon has done a lot to give you full control of everything. The cameras listed above attempt to strike that middle ground, graduating you slowly into the full control realm of things, while keeping things damned easy.

Please Don’t Buy a Digital SLR | Ben Brooks at Brooks Review

Actually, great photos are made by the camera, in particular— great cameras, and I'd argue that with the right lens, they do this with less effort than your phone (is your Photos app littered with the detritus of failed attempts at a great photo, because mine is). It can often quite literally be "click" = magic. But, yes please don't buy one, and continue asking the guy (or gal) posting pics on instagram with a real camera why his or her photos look so good.

Note: Yes, I realize that neither Ben Brooks or Nick Heer are actually arguing against the merits of owning a DSLR.

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