Google Announces The OnHub, A $199 Wi-Fi Router

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, Google launched a new Wi-Fi router called the OnHub. The blue (or optional black) cylindrical design is seemingly well spec'd, easy to setup and manage (via a downloadable app), and as Six Colors Dan Moren describes, puts a nicely pedicured foot in the door (of your house):

Our home networks are only getting more complicated, what with smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, computers, smart appliances, and more—and all those devices are now talking to each other. So in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Google’s building in support for the popular Zigbee system, as well as its own home automation network protocols, Weave and the Nest-pioneered Thread. (I sense a theme there, though I’m not exactly sure what the relationship between those two is.) OnHub’s positioned to be just what its name suggests: a hub for all your devices. It’s not too hard to imagine future devices or Google ecosystem features that will work if you have an OnHub in your home.

Google gets into the Wi-Fi router game…and plants a flag in your house | Dan Moren for Six Colors

The corner piece in the puzzle that is Google's vision of your connected home.