Analyst: Apple "Very Likely" Working On Head-Up Display For Next Generation Device

Man "who has been wrong before," Trip Chowdhry doing his best impression of an analyst getting lit before cold calling any media outlet willing to listen:

The world’s most valuable company is “very likely” working on a 27- to 50-inch head-up display, a technology most famously used by jet pilots, that could project vivid icons and information for drivers while on the road, a tech analyst with Global Equities Research said Thursday morning.

The curved-glass screen could also be wired with sensors and “may be completely gesture-controlled,” a stealth project that analyst Trip Chowdhry said could be Apple’s “next generation” device, after gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple might be bringing fighter-jet technology to car windshields | The Washington Post

Likely or unlikely, 27 inches or literally twice that size, who knows? Not Trip Chowdhry.