Hearthstone's $20 Million A Month Influence On The App Store

Touch Arcade reports on a study by SuperData Research highlighting the rise of Collectible Card Games (CCGs) in the App Store, in particular— Blizzard's Hearthstone

The study then goes on to highlight the huge role Hearthstone has played in this explosion of CCGs on mobile, claiming that the game has done for CCGs what World of Warcraft did for MMOs, making a demanding genre much more accessible. Hearthstone currently brings in an amazing $20 million a month and is played by around 8 million players on PC and 9 million on mobile. To help you understand the game's dominance, in 2014 Hearthstone had more than double the revenue of its closest CCG rival, Marvel: War of Heroes. This amazing success has, of course, influenced many other developers who are trying hard to replicat Blizzard's success, with EA and Bethesda both developing CCGs. So, it looks like CCGs aren't only here to stay, but will soon rule the mobile gaming world, which will probably translate to 10 bad ones for every good one.

Collectible Card Games Are Becoming The Most Dominant Genre On Mobile, And 'Hearthstone' is Leading the Way | TouchArcade

The speed at which I dropped $50 on Hearthstone's next expansion should have told me something, but my God those numbers surprise me.