Report: Apple Addresses Bendgate By Making iPhone 6s Thicker, Stronger, Lighter

TechCrunch's Romain Dillet reports on this video by Unbox Therapy that purportedly compares an iPhone 6s casing with the iPhone 6:

Apple has made the casing of the iPhone 6s thicker on each side, near the volume and power buttons. Unbox Therapy measured 1.9mm on the iPhone 6s versus 1.14mm on the iPhone 6. By improving the resistance of these weak points, the overall body should be less susceptible to bending.

In addition to this welcomed change, the shell is 2 grams lighter than the iPhone 6 shell. It may indicate that Apple is using a new material, confirming earlier rumors. Apple now uses 7000 series aluminium, which is both stronger and lighter.

Apple Addresses Bendgate Complaints With Sturdier iPhone 6s Shell | TechCrunch

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