Apple Watch Edition In The Wild

A riel Adams and his $13,000 Apple Watch Edition review unit:

Wearing the Apple Watch Edition, I traveled to a few watch making facilities in Switzerland – just to see what would happen. I half expected people to boo at me and throw decomposing produce. None of that happened. In fact, I got a lot of compliments and positive attention. What surprised me so much is that even watchmakers seemed to appreciate the Apple Watch even more when it was in gold. I heard statements such as “Very impressive; nice choice; they make a beautiful gold watch; the design is really top notch; great job on construction; Apple isn't screwing around; I love it; this feels better than many traditional watches; because it is gold, we can accept it.” Yes, I did hear that latter comment, and it really amused me.

18k Gold Apple Watch Edition In The Real World & Its Ancestors  | Ariel Adams for aBlogtoWatch

It just looks so good in the article's accompanying photos when paired with the leather bands— especially the bright red and midnight blue.