Streaming Emotion

“With its dominant position in music threatened by a decline in download sales, Apple Inc. is preparing to launch a direct rival to Spotify,” reports The Wall Street Journal, suggesting that the new service was “expected” to be announced at WWDC 2015 next week in San Francisco. The battle will largely be an uphill one for Apple, as per the WSJ, “Spotify accounts for 86% of the on-demand music-streaming market in the U.S,” with similar numbers internationally. Worse yet, Spotify, with all of its success in signing up subscribers, and despite revenues of $1 billion in 2014, remains unprofitable, so even if Apple were to overtake the Swedish startup in market share, it's far from clear what that would add to Apple's bottom line.

+ One the authors of the WSJ article above, Daisuke Wakabayahi, tweets: