The gnawing sadness of App Store reviews

Touch Arcade's Andrew Smith mines the App Store for comment gold:

It's curiously common in reviews to see someone's opinion polarise from love to hate in the space of a just a few words, such as one Monument Valley reviewer who says: “Cool game. I could play it all day long. Had it finished in 1 hour. 10 levels then you've gotta pay for more. Nah thanks. Complete rip off.” Or the two-star reviewer who got the game on a 79p deal and concluded: “It's a great game but not worth it.” There seems to be a competition amongst the Monument Valley haters to claim absurdly short completion times, varying from an hour down to 40 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and several even claiming that the title only has 5 minutes of gameplay. One suggested the game would be “good for the simple minded”. Another said he got nearly a week of play time but still decrees the game “too easy” and hits it with a two-star rating.

“'I Love Your Game. I Give It One Star' - The Crazy World of App Store Reviews” - Touch Arcade

Example #978 in my new E-book, “This is why we can't have nice things.”