Apple's new Music streaming app to have same advantage as other Apple apps you aren't using. It comes pre-installed.

Apple's new service, when it goes live, could easily overtake its rivals, because it has a huge advantage when it comes to distribution. At the push of a button, Apple could install its streaming app on hundreds of millions of iPhones and other devices in the Apple ecosystem, an option that competitors such as Spotify do not have. Apple can also cross-subsidise the service through its other revenue streams. For instance, it could earn back the money it may lose on music streaming by getting more consumers to buy iPhones.

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Snarky titles aside, it'd be nice for this lukewarm Spotify subscriber if Apple's new Beats-enhanced music service was the shizz, but given how many native apps are in my “don't want, but can't delete” folder because of superior third-party apps, I'm not inclined to hold my breath.