(Not exactly) making bank on the Mac App Store

Sam Soffes on the “success” of his new Mac app Redacted:

For launch, the price was $4.99. I may play with that some over time. I was originally thinking $2.99 and a bunch of folks on Twitter said $4.99 was better. Anyway, Redacted was #8 top paid in the US and #1 top paid in Graphics at the end of launch day. It was also at the top of Product Hunt with 538 up votes! Wow!

Later that evening, I was having drinks with some friends and Matthew Bischoff said he thought I made $10,000 or $20,000. Until then, I hadn't really thought about how much that would be. All of this success was exciting.

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The actual stunning results? 94 units for a mere $452. The Mac App store is now a largely a ghost town with a few tumbleweed apps blowing through from time to time.