Overcast 1.2 update makes me stop love-hating it.

My ever evolving relationship with Overcast has taken a turn for the better with version 1.2: Overcast finally allows you to keep played episodes, meaning I can now blissfully fire up an episode of In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg in bed, listen to 5 minutes of it, then promptly succumb to the Sandman, knowing the episode will still be safely waiting for me when I wake up. Yes, I know I could set a 30 minute timer, but the newly added toggle for disabling automatic deletion of played podcasts is more psychologically satisfying, not to mention it obviously also allows you to keep podcasts that you listened to while not sleeping (I hear that's a thing) and simply want to revisit later. I don't understand Marco's logic on why the option wasn't there from the beginning (something like: “I wouldn't use it so you're not going to either…”), but its arrival now is a welcome addition.

In addition to the auto-delete toggle, Overcast 1.2 also adds the ability to share episodes at selected timestamps, perfect for letting friends and followers jump into a podcast exactly where you want them, which strikes me as potentially very handy.

From the update notes on the App Store:

  • Now includes Apple Watch app, Glance, and notifications
  • Automatic deletion of played episodes can now be disabled
  • Warmer tone for Voice Boost
  • Share episodes at specific timestamps
  • Bulk editing of notification and episode-limit settings
  • Cancel/Start All buttons in Downloads screen
  • Hold down the 30-second-skip buttons to advance to the previous or next podcast

Overcast 1.2 is available now.