MacStories: "Workflow Coming to Apple Watch"

MacStories Federico Viticci on Workflow's new app for the Apple Watch:

On the Watch, Workflow will get access to the same 200+ actions that allow iPhone users to create automated workflows for apps such as Maps and Reminders, or web services like Evernote and Pocket. You’ll be able, for instance, to tweet the latest photo shot on your iPhone directly from your wrist, get turn-by-turn directions for a list of specified places on the iPhone, and even speak articles fetched from the iPhone with a native text-to-speech feature. Everything has been built with convenience in mind, working around the initial limitations of WatchKit to enable users to quickly launch workflows and speed up interactions thanks to the nature of the Watch.

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Alternative title, “On my regret for not pre-ordering the Apple Watch earlier,” because this sounds boss.