UPDATED: AgileBits teases Apple Watch app shipping with 1Password 5.4 for iOS

You don’t need to be an intrepid inspector (or a precocious crime-solver in pigtails) to appreciate the awesomeness of having 1Password on your wrist. 1Password for Apple Watch helps you find the little pieces of secret info you need every day, quickly and easily. If you need the code to open your garage door, one of your one-time passwords, or to look up your credit card number while phoning in an order for pizza, 1Password is right there for you.

Agile Blog | 1Password 5.4 for iOS: The “Go Go Gadget Watch!” Edition

It isn't April 1st, so this can't be an April Fools, sooo…. I look forward to hearing how one logs into 1Password via the watch (“it only takes a couple of taps” according to the post above), and then I'll set about figuring out how it solves a problem I'm currently unaware of having.


Looks like 1Password 5.4 is rolling out now and amongst a number of improvements to the actual iOS app, the update notes include this:

If you've got the Pro features, enable the Apple Watch setting in 1Password and you'll notice a handy little 'Add to Apple Watch' option in your item's details. Tap to make this item more accessible than ever before!

Interesting that these items would sit on the Apple Watch, protected I assume by your watch's PIN and possibly its proximity to your phone (Apple Pay on the watch doesn't require a phone, so it's possible it's just your PIN).