Selling the Watch. In an Apple Store. Seriously, how?

Since I started writing this story months ago, we’ve actually received some hard confirmation that a new shopping experience is coming to Apple retail, along with some rumors of what shape that experience might take.

Apple is crafting a new process for retail employees, with new kinds of questions to ask people buying a watch. And there are rumors that the watch-buying experience will be much more like one you’d have in a jewelry store rather than an electronics store.

Selling A Wearable Apple | TechCrunch

It's hard to navigate your way through an Apple Store as it is, and now we need to shimmy in a watch boutique, in where the watch comes with multiple cases, in multiple bands, making for dozens of combinations? I don't see how this happens in any sort of non-migraine inducing, I'm turning this stroller with a one year old strapped in around and heading to the food court kind of way. Mrs. Ahrendts, you have your work cut out for you.