On remembering the Watch can actually be purchased for $350

Apple needs a new product to reduce its reliance on one core product, the iPhone,” David Goldman, CNN’s technology editor, said in February. “It won’t find that with the Apple Watch.”

At a mooted starting price of $350, he argues, it’s pricey – but not truly beautiful, uncompelling and, in any event, likely to be updated in a year.

In fact, that $350 price tag makes it the cheapest new category Apple has ever introduced – the original iPod, in 2001, was $399. (There was the $299 Apple TV set-top box, but that was always something of an afterthought.)

Time for profit? How the Apple Watch could create a $1tn company | Technology | The Guardian

Lost in the shuffle of Watch price predictions, the cost of the technologically equal in every way starting model: $350. Not cheap, but if you can afford Apple (anything) you can afford this.