The iPhone shot standalone camera sales dead, not their creative superiority

While walking to work, I was wondering if they are just saying the obvious. It is pretty clear that the iPhone 6 (and 6-plus) have become a major disrupter in the world of photography. It has already become the second most popular camera being used to upload photos to Flickr. In a previous post, I had pointed out that: “The ultimate beauty of iPhone — it has made photography not scary. It has removed technology and made it just an act of creation.”

Standalone camera: Shot (Dead) By iPhone |

What the iPhone disrupts is sales, specifically sales of compact cameras, where the iPhone sensor, lens, and connectivity combination make those cameras quite pointless. All of those ok, sometimes good, and largely just bad photos are now taken on iPhones. Still entirely undisrupted: the ease of making truly great photos, the ones you see hanging in museums, in magazines, and product photos on Apple's website, all still taken with standalone cameras and quality lenses.