Jony Ive interview at spills few beans

In an interview with FT's embarassingly verbose Nick Foulkes, Apple's Jony Ive reveals few new details about the soon to launch Apple Watch, but the interview does go out of its way to highlight Apple's pathalogical attention to detail in seemingly every aspect of product design:

Nothing escapes this forensic level of thinking. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing goes uncalculated and untested. Before I leave, Ive holds up the watch’s white outer box. Almost imperceptibly, the bottom begins to move, obeying the law of gravity that pulls it away from its other half. It is graceful, calming… and far from accidental. “We work out what we feel is the optimum time for it to drop and then we back off that and work on the tolerances, and even work on the friction of the materials we use. I mean, that’s fanaticism,” he says, with a little smile. If only more fanatics were like Jony Ive.

The man behind the Apple Watch