With Periscope, revealing the contents of your home and home address is easier than ever before

While using the new live-streaming app Periscope this weekend to broadcast video of my pet rabbit to 30 strangers around the world, I realized something rather alarming: The location of my apartment was viewable on a map accompanying my stream. I knew that Periscope showed my general position—Brooklyn, New York—but I did not know until then that one could zoom in to see the exact location, with street names labeled. I imagine that other many Periscope users are not aware that their locations are pinpointed and viewable in this way.

How Periscope Can Fix Its Creepiest Feature | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

I don't know how they'd be unaware, what with the giant map and pinned location on the bottom third of the screen, but still…a settings toggle “location sharing: general location | exact location” would be nice.