Apple acquires FoundationDB

Apple has acquired FoundationDB, a company that specializes in speedy, durable NoSQL databases, TechCrunch has learned.

A notice on the FoundationDB site notes that it’s no longer offering downloads of its database software. Financial terms of the deal were not available. CEO David Rosenthal was previously VP of Engineering at Omniture and co-founded the company with COO Nick Lavezzo and Dave Scherer in 2009.

Apple Acquires Durable Database Company FoundationDB | TechCrunch

As to why:

Peter Goldmacher, a former Wall Street software analyst who works for Aerospike Inc., a competitor of FoundationDB, said this type of database technology lets companies process information at high speed without incurring the typical huge costs for computer servers and the people to run them.

Mr. Goldmacher, who said he had no direct knowledge of Apple’s acquisition, said FoundationDB’s technology could boost the efficiency of Apple services like iMessage, which delivers text messages, and iAd, which places digital ads on mobile devices.

Apple Acquires FoundationDB - WSJ