Internet as editor

BAH GAWD KING, THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY.4 Bilton's lazy writing and lackluster reporting are so egregious that in the eyes of Phil Plait, he's guilting of peddling distrust of science — the cardinal sin of science writing.

By now, you're probably feeling a little sympathetic for Nick Bilton.5 Look at all these writers ganging up on him! They're just jealous/trolling for pageviews/don't have anything else to write about/all of the above. Don't be. This is just how journalism works on the web. If you or your editors fail to edit, the Internet is more than happy to step in and do it for you.

Why Everyone Freaked Out About That New York Times Smartwatch Column - Digg

A nice take on the various takes of that awful NYT piece.