Meanwhile, in Cupertino

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iOS 8.2 beta 5

…rolls out to developers.

“Word to Peter Chou”

HTC teams up with Greg Carr (aka “Doc G”) in an epic WTF ad? Seriously. What. The. F*ck?

Pono vs. iPhone

David Pogue pits Neil Young's $400 Pono Player agains the iPhone in a sound challenge. The result? You didn't really think a $400 MP3 player was actually worth it, did you?

Plan B

Via Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. plans to invest $2 billion to convert an Arizona factory into a data center after the facility failed to produce sapphire screens for iPhones.

Lock it up

9to5Mac's Mark Gurman:

Apple will outfit its official retail stores with safes to house the more expensive, gold “Edition” variants of the upcoming Apple Watch, according to sources. The safes will likely be used to carry both to-be-sold inventory as well as to store demo units from the show floor overnight. The custom-designed safes will be outfitted with Apple Watch MagSafe chargers in order to keep the demo units charged up and ready to go for the next day of business. Apple has already begun installing the safes in some stores ahead of the Apple Watch’s expected release in April…

Apple Stores to act more like jewelry stores for upcoming gold Apple Watch