Updated: Yet another app rejection WTF

Fast forward a week and Apple has binary rejected the update on copyright grounds as you are able to find Disney images (amongst other names) using the app. I use Tumblr's API and Imgur's API to retrieve the the GIFs, the same GIFs that are available in the Tumblr app and through the Safari browser.

Apple rejection. Goodbye GIF Finder

What the f*ck?


Looks like Matt Cheetham's GIF Finder will make its way back into the App Store after his rejection appeal landed him a call from Cupertino:

The rejection was largely due to the inclusion of 3 categories in the categories tab. "Doctor Who", "Nigel Thornberry" and "Star Trek" are the root of the problem. Apple has particular issue's with the copyright of these 3 categories which mean my app couldn't be approved.

The inclusion of images of Nigel Thornberry in the screenshots for the app were the secondary cause of the rejection.

GIF Finder returns