The Opacity Paradox

"For years, the fortunes of the world’s most valuable company have been associated with its opacity. But its biggest AI success to date has been buying Siri from a startup in 2010. Apple Maps still lags the predictive capabilities of similar software. “There’s no way they can just observe and not be part of the community and take advantage of what is going on,” Bengio says. “I believe if they don’t change their attitude, they will stay behind.” That's Bloomberg's Jack Clark writing about the other half of Apple's dueling conundrums when it comes to improving AI development in Cupertino. On the one side — the oft discussed issue of privacy and its impact on gathering, and thus learning from data — and on the other side — secrecy as a corporate culture (religion?) that inevitably makes hiring the people that would be needed to build the privacy respecting deep learning neural network Apple wants exceedingly difficult (while being instramental in a broader sense to the company's overall success).