The Sun Sets On Sunrise

In a blog post detailing new improvements introduced in the latest update to Outlook for iOS, Microsoft also dropped a bit of news about Sunrise, the Redmond-aqcuired calendar app used by yours truly:

The Sunrise team is now officially a part of the broader Outlook product team, bringing a fresh approach to calendaring and combining it with Microsoft’s deep expertise in both email and calendar. Better Outlook calendaring gives you more ability to manage your personal and professional life from a single, powerful app. Over the coming months, you’ll see richer calendar experiences come to Outlook from Sunrise—including Interesting Calendars and connections to your favorite apps and services. You will also see improvements to Outlook’s ability to create meetings while on the go and handle meetings across time zones. All of this means Outlook will eventually replace the current Sunrise app. We will leave Sunrise in market until its features are fully integrated into Outlook, the exact timing of which we will communicate in advance.

Outlook for iOS and Android gains momentum, gets new look

I love Sunrise, so naturally my first impression was "sh*t," but wait a second, I'm also using (and liking) Outlook, so maybe this isn't so bad. Outlook — the mail client — is quite nice, and getting better all the time. Outlook — the calendar — could use some work and most annoyingly doesn't support iCloud calendars ( calendars: yes, iCloud: no). Bring what I like about Sunrise into Outlook (and the ex-Sunrise team says that is happening) and make sure it supports iCloud calendars and maybe (actual chance: less than 50%) everthing turns out hunky-dory here. Next problem— filling the hole that deleting Sunrise will leave on my home screen.